Preparation underway in the Eastern Escarpment in the Central region to plant temperate fruits

ImageThe popular campaign included building terraces, diversion canals as well as digging holes in the areas of Biet-Giorgis, Tselot and Adi-Nefas.

Eng. Abraham Daniel, head of Ministry of Agriculture Central region branch office, explained that the program is to plant temperate fruits on 100 hectares of land in Biet-Giorgis, 50 hectares in Adi-Nefas, and 250 hectares in Tselot.

From participants, Mr. Rezene Mengisteab and Mr. Habtom Tsehaye expressed that the popular campaign that was conducted during the weekend was very successful and called on for its sustainability.

Like wise, Mr. Mohammed Idris Banain and Ms. Fortuna Kahsai explaining that the popular campaign was part of the development programs in the country, said that members of the EDF have participated in the sanitation campaign previously conducted in the area.

Mr. Abraham Semere, Chairperson of Central region Assembly, on his part noted that the campaign was part of strategic development program in the region and that the objective of the program is to transform the Central region into green.

Reports also indicate that the popular campaign would continue for a week long.


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