Eritrea: Extensive Health Awareness Campaigns in Maekel Region Contribute in Reducing the Prevalence of Communicable Diseases

ImageAsmara — During an assessment meeting the Ministry of Health Maekel branch office conducted on 31 January it was disclosed that the extensive health awareness campaigns conducted in the region have contributed in reducing the prevalence of communicable diseases.

It was also expressed that the trainings and awareness campaigns conducted in schools and communities aimed at developing basic health services in cooperation with partners have registered tangible results and that more efforts are needed to reinforce them.

According to the report presented at the meeting there are 32 standing health institution and 44 providing first aid in the region.

In a speech she conducted at the meeting Ms. Amna Nurhusein, Minister of Health, indicating that commendable results have been registered last year thanks to the integrated efforts conducted, highlighted that in 2013 efforts would be exerted to develop human resources, put in place conducive groundwork aimed at strengthening research and quality control as well as ensuring availability of medicines and medical supplies. And she called on all concerned to contribute their share for the success of the programs.

Mr. Kahsai Gebrehiwot, Administrator of Maekel region, on his part recapped the importance of community based health services and trainings and efforts are being exerted to develop information and communication system to exactly identify the number of people and provision of health services.


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